Our ancient mothers of mothers of mothers & ancient fathers of fathers of fathers were were living in harmony with nature, with deep reverance for Earth’s primordial forces.


After the Gondwana time, our ancestors moved across the continents to check it out, found a fertile place to root. They were using simple tools made of wood, bones, stones and metals. Many civilizations started to sprout here and there, blossomed and have been passing down their seeds of tribal spirit essence. .Civilizations went through the cycles of life – birth and growth and decay, and new birth. Some were disappeared into other dimensions and other galaxy, some went into dormancy.

Indigenous Australians have been living on this big island Australia for 1500,000 years. They are the oldest known human culture on earth. As this continent is far far away down under, they could keep their unique culture for so long time, till they got disturbed and destroyed by colonization 300 years ago. But such a deep rooted culture, their spirit essence, beliefs, rituals and cosmology still reflect the deepest collective memory of our human race.


I first travelled to Australia in 2002 for two months. First month, I travelled as other tourist who first coming to this country, surfing, scuba diving and sailing and so on.. My second month, I did volunteer work for environment NGO for a month around national parks and organic farms, helping them with ecological projects. That was real fun and I just fell in love with nature there.


After I came back home,  many times my spirit heard the calling of this ancient land – it’s trees, winds, waters, rocks, lovely marsupial animals.. I really really wanted go back to this big island and connect more with its nature and people from the land.


Therefore in 2008 I went back to OZ wonderland with the excuse of study. After second semester in the university, I went to this village that was actually a transformational portal for me. First day I arrived there, I got invited to sacred rock to the Bundjalong nation, there was a elders gathering. Such a honor, they shared their stories and the food and the sacred fire with me. Then I lived in this village for next 3 months in the jungle, heard the song of the forest fairies, played with mushroom spirits, purified my soul in their sacred water hole to be reborn.. ( spiralling storytelling 2)


One day, I had a special opportunity – I was standing in the middle of 4 indigenous people who was playing didgeridoos. Those vibrations from 4 directions to my body and spirit was so powerful. I felt that it was like a trance journey into the ancient dreamtime.. made me remember something from my deep archaic memory as a human.


I heard that this instrument called Didgeridoo(Yidaki) is originally from Arnhem Land. Therefore  I traveled far north to Arnhem Land, to the Indigenous Yonlgu tribe’s reserve, to feel the spirit of their land and learn from their culture.


Indigenous Australians were hunter & gatherers, dancers, wanderers and mystics. They had no concept for the things that most modern civilizations of the rest of the world now – the passage of time & the accumulation of possesions. They wandered across the vast continent, connecting the song lines.




In the Dreamtime or the creation period, their ancestors journeyed across the land, forming and naming every mountain, rock, river, tree, animal and insect. And before their travels, they would sleep and dream the adventures of the following day. Dreams to act(iva)tions. These journeys are preserved in the stories, ceremonies, symbols, and their patterns of living. Every aspect of their daily life reflects the stories of creation.

garma 3


Such a nature-integrated culture, they didn’t clear and tear up the earth for agriculture. (* Personally I am into small scale natural farming, as my ancesters started 4000 years ago in my land, they cultivated rice crops and veggies and lived mostly with plant-based diet with some seafood.. but indigenous Australian way of nomadic lifestyle gives me a new perspective on living lightly on earth) They did not enslave animals for systematic exploitation and slaughter.

They did not build homes that cut them off from a natural adaptation to the wonders and ever-changing nature. They did not wrap themselves in clothing to hide their vitality and sexuality and true identity. Simply they didn’t altered the environment for human, no artificial grid living as now. They put the highest value on keeping the earth in its original purity and potency.


tree 3Untitled-9

 When the nature and our life is one, when we human species are more wild and free , we are so naturally connected to each other.

The indigenous tribal people all over the world, believe that the spirit of their consciosness exists like a seed buried in the earth. Seed that keeps its creative vibration can stay dormant for more than thousand years, until they find a perfect timing and space to germinate. During the colonialism that destroyed violently the native cultures, their potencies disappeared into the earth. And now they are reawakening again.


 With this special opportunity to be with indigenous Australian people and learn from their culture and share stories, I got totally new eyes and perceptions on them and their culture.. Simply they are really mysterious and highly evolved and extraordinarily unique and spiritual culture. They integrated ancient wisdom into their everyday eco-concious & symbiotic living. Their inner vision and outer projection are dreamweaved into the natural world. Their evolution is not linear progress, it’s rather a “unfolding” of ancestral Dreaming.
To the indigenous Australians, the rainbow symbolizes the Dreaming, the timeline when the invisible potentials begin to become visible. Dreamtime is the past, present, and the future. Time is Life. Time is the song playing between seed and the fruit. As plants leave a sacred code of themselves as seeds, we dreamseeds already got the magical key deep inside us, to remember the tune and keep on playing the sacred mother earth’s dream..

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