Aloha ~ How’s your life flowing and flowering on ? Just came back from the fresh forest walk, today I am going to write about trees.

Take a deeeeepp brrreeaaath and close your eyes for a moment. Let’s dreamtime travel to the moment when this planet was covered with trees 300 million years ago. Feel the mystic air of ancient nature… Then 60 million years ago when dinosaurs were munching Ginkgo trees, and maybe some psychedelic giant flowers… Then to 200 years ago when the industrial revolution starting… Then now. What happened to all those lush green forests full of buzzing wildlife ? Can you possibly imagine living without trees ??

Tree is life. Tree is love. Their fresh sprouts are so cute, blooming flowers so sexy and beautiful, delicious fragrance so sweet, Oh their juicy fruits – all those mangoes and coconuts and peaches and avocados and berries.. also yummy nuts and mushrooms. What about mayple syrup ? Aaaaaaah dripping divine nectar from the tree goddess.

Trees give us fresh air, cool shade, healing medicines. Trees sing a song and telling us stories, sometime they just want to play with us – they are pretty cool fun friends !! Once you fall in love with them to a deeper and deeper level, you get crazy about them.. kinda like people who play music or people who do yoga.

In my never ending spiralling journey around this planet, I’ve been dreaming so many nights under the tree canopy – in the small tent or just in the sleeping bag under the moonlight.Untitled-3

My life journey has been about learning how to follow my soul’s own bio-wifi, in tune with natural spirits and synchronisity magic of this planet Earth.. So here’s the story how I landed on this place called Auroville – intentionally created community city in 1960’s for human unity, the whole place designed to the vortex pattern of the galaxy.


In the center of Auroville, there is one huge beautiful mystic mama banyan tree and the biggest crystal ball on this planet Earth, inside the golden dome that was built by hands of Aurovillians. There are about 100 community projects going on around. Amongst them,  I found my dream nest treehouse in the treepy community & met wood wizards.


So this is how this magical door opened to me. I was kinda intentionally got lost in the lush forest there. Aurovillian people has been planting trees for 50 years, where there was nothing –  only a barren desertic land when they arrived – and now we can see how they transformed this land to a lush forest full of wildlife. Such an amazing reforestation project and so much love I could feel, through the happy trees yayy.

I was bicycling enchanted through the tropical flowers blooming so vibrant and pretty, fairy blue butterflies tickling my face & guiding me the way. Then I found the small sign hand written “get outta office !” and there appears the funky gate written “Peaceful City”.  My instinct or intuition started to smile like that Cheshire cat in the Alice in Wonderland – with the tingling feeling that I got lost in the right place.


Therefore I walked into this place and lived in the treehouse for next 5 months, forgetting all about outside time/space whatever artificial boundaries that I end up overstaying with my 3 monthes tourist visa. haha

Living in a treehouse was like a dream come true. Uh no, the reality of treehouse living was even beyond my dreams. Every morning I was so happy to open my eyes in the floating pirate ship on the tree, hearing the sounds of whole world waking up. And every night I was so happy to dreaming in the slow and treepy voice that tree speak…


Jamming with lush rhythmes of nature

In the city, we mainly interact with human spieces and domesticated pets, and our beloved computer species with screen faces. What I really loved about treehouse living was living together & interacting with animal friends. In this treehouse there was no door or a lock neither a fence, so it was a semi-open space. More inviting other beings.

There was a squirrel living on the recycled solar panel roof. At the beginning he was bit aggressive towards me, but with my food corruption soon he accepted me & became cool with me. There were two lovely humming birds visiting me every morning, little lizard family inside chilling out, fairy butterflies always dancing amusing me, sometimes tiny snake takes a nap wrapping his body around the wooden pole. There were termites tribe at the bottom of the treehouse, and peacocks with their babies cruisin’ around every morning between 7-8 am.


In the night time when I take an outside shower, tiny bioluminescent caterpillars on the banana tree leaves so cute ! Twice I met big forest dear in the mystic foggy morning and it was quite magical encounter..

Whenever it was raining, there were heaps of scorpions running around. One day I got stung by scorpion big as your face, surprisingly it was not so painful. Just my body was experiencing very intense electric-wave-shock like sensation for two days. I actually enjoyed this strange funny feeling of scorpion intoxication.. haha It all was the part of living in the wild.

Treehouse in the forest was just perfect place to play music. I got pentatonic string instruments and started to play alone & together with friends. And I started to notice that insects and birds around started to response to my play. After few days, they started to tune into my music and adding more layers of musical dressings on my play…


We created our harmonic sonic field of resonance – lifting our collective forest spirit and transcending into cosmic unity conciousness together. It was really beautiful feeling of harmony. It touched off something in me, the essence of being a creature as one with others on this planet.

Sometimes I walk in the forest around and enjoy reflecting with my third eye ; double helix journey from pure energy to multi-colored shapes & structures & actions & dynamic relationships between all the life forms.. So many different entities, each living its own self-centered existence, yet harmonising so naturally with other creatures.



Treehouse living is multidimensional

The space we are living and spend a lot of time everyday, really influence our perceptions and emotions and imaginations. Our energies, vibes, frequencies.. Look around your surroundings now, how is the shape or structure of your space ? What kinda molecules of materials are you breathing? Is it something organic & natural ?

The material of my treehouse was made of wood from around the area – red sanders, eucalyptus and bamboos. No nails but coconut fiber ropes to join the wooden poles, and some red earth paste for the wall. And recycled solar panel roof. All made of natural or recycled materials. Every single wooden poles were processed & trimmed organically by hand. So there is a feeling of warm touch and textures.

Every single corner is different organic shape depends on the tree. And it makes a really interesting dimensions inside. My favorite part was the big round leaf shaped window – made of soft bamboo frame. Every morning, tiny humming birds couple visited me through that window & playing around and musing me, made me feel that I was living in a fairy house.


My dream nest was just the perfect place for contemplating my role in this universe, or creating my own astral dimension…


Language of the forest

There was this eucalpytus tree in front of my treehouse. It was growing and started bending towards the other side, making a nice arch of my entrance. But at the same time, it was also started tangling the little citrus tree the other side. I said internally to myself, “Oh, that was nice arch but soon he’s gonna kill this citrus tree.. hmm what can I do ?” Then you know what – After few days, I found out that eucalpytus tree was standing back to his original spot…… What the funk.. What happend ????? I was so confused and told this story to the Treehouse community wood wizards. They were not surprised at all. “Of course it’s that tree has moved by itself.”

You know, matter and spirit is not something seperate. Trees are listening to you and calling out to you as well. To decipher the language of botanical entities, we just need to open our mind and senses, and spend more time in the nature.


Energy & Electricity

My treehouse had just enough electricity for the light in the night time. And one crazy stormy night, it got broken. So I just used candle light for 5 months – cuz it was just enough & more romantic & I was too lazy to fix the electric lines. Also I didn’t use any fan or cooling gadget in the over 40 degree temperature everyday. When you live in the treehouse made of all natural breathing materials, it is never too hot. Yes, there were some super boiling hot days. How did I survive ? I just hypnotized myself that I was in the sauna or sweat lodge ceremony  & one point I just got fainted.. haha Sometimes we just gotta surrender to the force beyond our control.

What kinda energy are you using ? Where does that energy coming from ? How much electricity are you using everyday ?


Natural building & Light living

Happily, there are many natural building movements growing and spreading throughout the world. Earthen (cob)house, Earthship biotecture, Bamboo buildings, Geodesic domes, Hempcretes and so on.

When I was living in the ecovillage in Canada, I learnt to build a cob house made of mud+sand+silt+straw mix, wood, and recycled materials. I really loved to learn about this earthy hobbit house building.


However, the size was much bigger and more permanent form of dwelling then the treehouse. Treehouse is never too big because it’s built on the tree, so you can live more simple and light way. It is just big enough to sleep, doing all sorts of fun things, invite friends to more intimate space – on the living tree !! As I really loved living in the treehouse, so I wanted to learn more about treehouse structures.

tree 5


Treehouse building workshop

Every treehouses that Treehouse Community build, begins and ends with a ceremony called “Tree Puja” – Offering made in front of the tree with seeds, flower petals, fruits and natural objects from around to honor and ask permission to tree spirit.

We built a traditional south Indian style treehouse on the young banyan tree – funky cozy treehouse made of local trees and palm leaves and coconut ropes. I learnt how to peel the tree barks, making knots and staircase with coconut ropes, weaving roof with palm leaves, sawing & chiseling & sanding .. and how to climb the tree with rope & gears. There are so many skills involved and teamwork is essential.






We worked under the tree canopy and hanging up on the tree, lots of sweats and laughters and custard apple leaves… haha so much fun building together every process. We built this treehouse in 5 days, and planted a baby tropical fruit trees around.



Treehouse Community (www.treehousecommunity.net)

Treehouse community a.k.a THC is growing collective conciousness of new generation in Auroville. They are wood wizards, creative artist, designer, engineer, yoga master, bicycle world traveller, permaculture scientist, basketball champion, psytrance party organizer, surfers, forest guardians.

As I hang out with these friends for several months, they seems really embodying the new spirit of Auroville. They live in the forest and their everyday life and work is very inspiring – always positive high vibes, really active, communal participation, do-it-yourself experimental learning, creative fun togetherness, concious words & actions, attitude of environmental responsibility… I learnt so much from them.



Their primary intention of building treehouse is not for profits, but to co-create and inter-connecting the treehouse community around this planet Earth, with “500 treehouse” epic project. They are truly wood wizards who came from different parts of the world & united together, to transforms their creative power to something awe.mazing treehouse wizardry. Every treehouse, you can really feel how much teamwork and love for mother nature is expressed and embodied.

And what about food these wood wizards eating? They eat mostly unprocessed organically grown food which they either grow themselves, or collected from the local & co-op markets and bring in a box, and compost to their garden. They are brilliant cooks of natural gourmet food as well. In the kitchen, there was always alchemist’s home made elixir experiment going on, and the taste was really treeping me out.


Tree magic 

After my fantastic experience of treehouse living, I got a magical spell ; Whenever I see the trees, I just want to climb up – to eat, to play music, to kiss, or simply to see the stars. And last summer, for the first time in my life, I slept on the giant mama tree – Yeah man,  just on the tree like that !! Actually I hadn’t meant to fall asleep, but I was already bit like a cat myself, forever wandering in the forest..



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