Then I started travelling around the world for next 9 years exploring wilderness, organic farms that practice Permaculture & Bio-dynamics, communities, forest festivals and gatherings, planet Earth’s synchronic line crossing places. I didn’t use a smartphone as my anthropological human experiment for 5 years, and spent most of the time in the nature.

As I experience more interactions with natural world – plants, wild animals, rocks & crystals, sometimes with invisible natural spirits – I was so stoked about fact that nature is so alive !! Plants and animals are so pure and intelligent, high frequency and high vibes beings, and they have their own way of expressions and personalities. It’s been long and slow organic process of learning..

긴쪽 50cm (1개) 디아본

Also I started eye contact with animals, playing with them and became friends with them. Seemed like they knew that I like them and have no intention to harm them, and they loved me back as well.  There was some kinda feeling of connection between us in silence and it was beautiful.



So many animals are being killed to be eaten by us – human species. And just to raise those animals, so much genetically modified crappy crops are produced, and for that so many ancient forests are being cut down and water dries up. and this really piss me off !

I love forest and animal friends soul much, that’s why I decided to stop eating animals. Of course it was not easy at the beginning, to change the loop of my eating habits. But you know, it feels so geeeewood when you do something concious and make positive vortex around, for our human evolution –  to the direction of sustainability & symbiosis.

On my spiralling journey on the wild side, I met so many beautiful people with shining eyes and warm heart, and really doing something awesome for the world – not only talking divine words and being hypocrite, they had realness and actions. The emerging generations who are deeply aware of what’s going on our planet, really inspiring & creative & courageous to take steps to co-create the new future of now together, as the expression of love for our goddess Gaia. I started exploring around concious communities.


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