From the very first moment I arrived this village, people were so welcoming me with big hearty smile. And I was honored to get invited to the sacred rock. Inside this rock is full of crystal quartz, and it has been a powerful sacred energy vortex for Bundjalong nation for thousands of years. They go through the rites of passage here, and sacred storytelling of their history has been passed down by oral tradition when the elders feel their young members are ready. It is also highly revered by people from outside world who got the calling from the spirit of this rock.

So the day I landed on this place, there was a gathering of the people who started this town with “Aquarious festival” in late 60’s. People who were yearning for the new place of love, peace and freedom gathered from all over the Australia and other countries, and they stayed after the festival. They started many eco-villages around this beautiful and energetically powerful natural surroundings.




I started living in the rustic wooden cottage in the gorgeous tropical forest with a family who was running Hemp Embassy and super funky art gallery in the town. In this rainbow village with loving and inspirational people, also many crazy ones, I really felt at home – they really listened to me and gave me wisdom stories from their life experiences. You know that sweet feeling of being understood, being heard, being loved just as I am.

And for the first time in my life, I had a magical experience there. I heard the song of the forest… !!!!! It sounded celetially beautiful choir of the forest fairies. At the beginning I thought I was crazy because there was no other people living nearby. When we experience something new and strange for the first time, our brain cannot understand it simply because we just never experience it before – but it does not mean it is not real. It was so vivid and so real. My spirit recognized that it was the song of the pure natural spirits of the area. I felt mother nature was blessing on my soul’s new journey to the direction of natural way – called “Tao” in my tradition.


One sunny afternoon I stepped into the “Happy High Herb” shop. This place was like a naturopathic apothecary & portal to the plants wisdom and magick. There I met super cool friends who were so knowledgeble to plant medicines, and they introduced me into the world of forest psytrance parties. Entering into the whole new world of collective dreamtime, and tuning myself into the unified field of neo-tribal movement through music and dance in the mother nature.


I lived in this hippie village for 3 months. Also this timing of my transformation, I got hand poked moon phase tattoo on my arm  – as an affirmation to myself that I am going to walk on the wild side – ready to follow the calendar of cosmic movement and compass of my heart.

(Thank you so much for reading my never ending spiralling storytelling again !! Next chapter continues on here Spiralling Storytelling 3 )

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