Aloha ! My name is Lunasha. I am from the Moon and really love wandering around this beautiful blue green planet Earth.

My soul was reincarnated under the fullmoon light when there was Venus shining in the sky, guided by Saggita stars, in the place called “Village of Light” in South Korea, through the womb of my goddess mama. So here comes the story about my Earth roots family.

I will start from my mother’s family name – Forest. So was my grandpa from the forest ? Maybe his ancestors five thousand years ago.. He was a city person and worked for the goverment, yet his real passion was a fashion. He used to style up himself kinda like a Oskar Wilde, and he loved designing clothes for his daughters. So my mother was grown up in the city, and she has been actively involved in cultural movement for social justice. She is truly a badass mama ever !! She is a writer, artist, tea ceremony master, business advisor for solar power company, activist and loves traveling. She met my father at the students’ theater club, as a main actress and actor and fell in love..

My father’s family name is O – like the moon and the sun and the stars ! The origin of this family name is from thousands years ago in ancient China, there was a “O” kingdom… Okayy, now story goes bit too far –  so let’s go back to the story of my father.

His profession started from DJ at the Radio station. He was running a music program everyday, talking & playing music that people sent to him in hand written stories & colorfully illustrated postcard, requesting their favourite songs. Old school time ! Every last song of the program was the children’s song for baby me, even though this program was mainly designed for the adults. One day, for all day, he played the songs with political messeges against corrupted and violent goverment of that time, and next day he got fired.

Then somehow he became a producer for the TV station. He made TV programs about music, and he made documentaries to raise awareness about students & citizens’ democratic movement. This time he didn’t get fired, he got the producers’ award for his creative expression with social messeges.

Another perspective of having a papa who’s working with TV was this – at home there were always TV on, three of them at the same time. As the media technology evolves, my father was always an early adopter of new satellite channels and cameras and smartphones. His eyes always on the screens, it’s his profession and passion and obsession. And I was a remote-control zapper kid, constantly surfing in the ocean of hundres of satellite channels.. Getting lost in front of the screens.

My father’s father was working for the national bureau of tele-communication. Grandpa’s mantra always telling us, “We are living in a information age.” happy to see us playing computer games. With this family background, I was grown up with TV and computer in the city than playing in the nature.

However, even though I was a city kid, whenever my parents brought me to the nature,  I was so in awe and overwhelmed on the top of the mountain, and in the middle of the ocean. When I saw the sacred big trees, jumping massive whales, millions of migrant birds flying together in V shape in the sky…

That feeling was so intense, something I could not feel in the city. It was something like strong aliveness energy those beings or natural space vibrates. I felt they invoke some spirit or light deep inside me. I was so stoked to see the cosmic phenomena – mesmerising twillight & the morning Sun’s bright rays of light showering over my eyes, accumulus-nimbus clouds dancing in fractals, enchanting moonlight and the constellations in the night sky.

I had nostalgic feeling looking up in the sky, because my parents used to tell me that they were from Mars and Venus, made love on the Moon..  Every single painting I drew when I was a kid, was full of stars and funny extra-terrestrials and giant talking flowers.


Then my school time. I was happy hanging out with friends and having fun making my own magazines to share with them. I was good at exams, but my free spirit didn’t feel good about school’s controlling and competitive vibes. Like youuus, me too hated all the rules designed to tame us to put in the small packaged box ! So I was expressing my anger to teachers, and they called my parents often to the school that I was a troublesome child.

Luckily my parents had been involved in the project to create a new school with other likely minded people, and they decided to open this school this timing – that perfect timing !! So I dropped out of the school and went to the alternative boarding school in the nature.

This school named ‘Big bright light’ was surrounded by beautiful bamboo forest in the countryside. It was created with the intention of holistic education with love, and eco-conciously designed architecture and creative programs. Our dormitory building was up in the mountain where there’s a observatory to see the stars, and crystal clear mountain creek running under the milky way. I had so much fun living there with friends from all different part of the country, and three years’ time there totally changed my life. Organic and multi-sensory experience in the nature opened me new eyes to see the world around me. I was truly happy and free to be naturally myself as I am.


Meanwhile, my grandpa (whose mantra the “information age”) passed away. The doctor from the conventional hospital said grandpa was going to live only two more months after diagnosed cancer. They recommended intense chemiotherapy that actually make people more weak and dependent on abusive chemicals and die in hospital. But my mother recommended her naturopathy doctor friend’s alternative healing program, and grandpa decided to try it instead of chemiotherapy. It was RAD decision of him, because he was a very straight and conservative goverment kinda person to try something “alternative”.

Therefore he started eating mostly plant-based diet and basic chi-gong practice,  meditation trips to Sedona, also started reading some hindu philosophy books which he never did before. Voilà, he lived 6 years more…!!!!!! I could witness through my grandpa how alternative healing with natural way could give more prana – life force, and our body has a self healing power. Thank you grandpa and loving you always.

After that alternative school, I came back to the big city to study in the university. Back to the conventional school system in the industrialized & technology dependent mainstream Korean culture was mega challenging – I was freakin’ out. Interaction with the other students was not so attractive, they seemed bit too much competitive mindset and boooorrrrrrring. Studying Sociology,  I found out that I was the outsider of the mainstream society. haha !  I gave up the scholarship to study in US because this timing I met some interesting eccentric friends outside of school, in the district where underground artists and musicians and gypsy souls gathered. My parents were so disappointed at me that I missed the great opportunity to serve for humanity in the academic field or international organization.

So next couple of years I was living and working together with these new friends, making chais and psytrance parties in the underground dance club. My friend who created this space gave it an extremely long Taoistic name – “I would never trade that sounds of ancient raindrops with billions dollars of money” – and I really loved be part of this project. We brought tons of sands from the beach and red earth from the mountain to this place, covered them up on the wall and on the floor everywhere (African cob castle style !) to dance dance dance barefoot crazy. It was our secret underground  sanctuary of colorful souls who still had an archaic memory & antenna for our mother earth – in the middle of the concrete jungle of lost souls.

Then I went to Australia to study film & video. But I didn’t enjoy studying at the university I went, because I could not find inspiring souls to hang out with. Actually the main reason why I chose this school was purely its location – Sunshine was too nice to study inside the box and beautiful beaches were too close by. One auspicious weekend I went to Byron Bay to join the march against goverment’s environmental destruction. There I met some cool people from alternative & rainbow spirited town nearby. Soon after I quit the school, and came back to this rainbow hippie village.

Thank you so much for reading my never ending storytelling so far !! it continues here  Spiralling Storytelling 2


One thought on “Spiralling Storytelling 1

  1. I really appreciate the sharing of your story, I feel really connected to what your say. It’s quite vivid in my mind.

    And you have a funky style of writing, really kosmic fruity machisooooo ❤

    Komawa little princess of the information age.

    Liked by 1 person

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